Xinning Logistics
SMT Electronics Supply Warehouse in Wuhan, China

Launch Date: July, 2020

Location: Wuhan, China


<div class="blue">Xinning Logistics</div>SMT Electronics Supply Warehouse in Wuhan, China

Xinning Modern Logistics Co., Ltd. is mainly engaged in bonded storage service of electronic components, providing comprehensive third-party logistics services for raw material supply, procurement, and production in the supply chain of electronic information industry. The project aims to achieve the automatic transformation of SMT (Surface-mount Technology) electronic feeding warehouse for a customer in Wuhan.


Robot system

Shelving system

Software system

Sorting & picking system

  • Large number of SKU, hard to manage
  • High requirements for delivery time and delivery volume
  • Manual paper-based order picking creates large margin for error, resulting in more time spent for picking order review
  • Difficulty in SMT board management
  • Results
  • Adopted 3.1-meter shelf. A tote can have different grids to divide small materials. Storage density is increased by 1.6 times
  • Accurate material information management. Supports picking error/correction
  • Increase human efficiency by 4 times
  • Simplify IQC process
  • The anti-static facilities to ensure the safety of the warehouse