SF-DHL Supply Chain China
Spare Parts Warehouse

Launch Date: March, 2019

Location: Hong Kong, China


<div class="blue">SF-DHL Supply Chain China</div>Spare Parts Warehouse

The warehouse manages spare parts logistics for a world's leading printer manufacturer. More than 10,000 SKUs are stored, among which many are too heavy to manual picking. Now, the operation team is looking for automation solutions to improve working efficiency.

  • Rack system
  • Software system
  • Sorting & picking system
  • Challenges
  • More than 10,000 SKUs.
  • Complex and slow picking process.
  • Heavy workload and high labor cost.
  • Results
  • Realized the management of multiple SKU and various-size goods.
  • No more work of moving heavy objects with unmanned operation.
  • One week to deploy, one month to launch.