Apparel Factory

Launch Date: November, 2019

Location: Lishui, Zhejiang, China


<div class="blue">ERAL</div>Apparel Factory

As the leading down jacket brand, ERAL uses customization as an essential strategy to drive higher customer satisfaction and loyalty. However, customization poses challenge for the company's massive production setting. ERAL sought for solutions to transform its Zhejiang Apparel Factory into a smart plant to address the upcoming challenges.

  • Rack system
  • Software system
  • Sorting system
  • Conveyor line
  • Challenges
  • Increasing demand for small-batch production.
  • Scattered receiving & picking tasks.
  • Complex kitting process with thousands of items.
  • Low-density storage area designed for manual pick.
  • Results
  • Increased operation efficiency with 8-case HAIPICK robot.
  • HAIPICK interacts with automatic conveyors to provide smooth operation flow.
  • Improved storage density.
  • Automated picking and kitting process.