Hai Robotics & Bettaroe Robotics Announce Partnership for Distribution in Europe

Hai Robotics & Bettaroe Robotics Announce Partnership for Distribution in Europe

The partnership seeks to provide robotics automation solutions to mitigate the current demand for warehouse automation in Europe.

Hai Robotics, pioneer and leader in autonomous case-handling robotic system, and Bettaroe Robotics, independent supplier of modern logistics in Europe, are pleased to officially announce the beginning of a partnership for the European market. The two companies made commitments to provide Europe with autonomous case-handling robotic system and enable efficient, intelligent, flexible, and customizable automation solutions creating value for every warehouse and factory.

Haipick A42 Operating in a 3PL Warehouse in Hong Kong

With more than 70 on-going projects across industries and various innovative technologies that include Haipick robots, charging stations, customizable storage units, workstations, and HAIQ software platform, Hai Robotics will make its technology available to Bettaroe Robotics' customer base. Combining Bettaroe Robotics' capabilities of development, production, distribution, and service with Hai Robotics, the partnership addresses the current market needs to effectively mitigate the increasing demand for warehouse automation. The demand of warehouse automation has kicked into high gear recently, driven by the growth of e-commerce fulfilment and increasing warehousing labor costs resulting from the coronavirus pandemic.

Johnny Zhang, Vice President of International Sales at Hai Robotics, commented, "We're very excited to announce our partnership with Bettaroe Robotics officially. It is important to integrate resources and create strong alliances with the right partners. Bettaroe Robotics has more than 30 years of experience, and we're confident that their expertise and our collaboration will benefit many warehouse operations in the region, helping customers realizing warehouse automation transformation and increasing the efficiency of their operations."

Tomas Kochanicek, CEO of Bettaroe Robotics ' said, “We are extremely proud that we can represent Hai Robotics in Europe as we believe the Haipick solution is the best one available on the global market. Together with Hai Robotics' ongoing development and our local support, I strongly believe this partnership will be beneficial for all our European clients, helping them optimize their operations in a new and highly efficient manner. We look forward to bringing Haipick to all European countries.”

About Hai Robotics

Hai Robotics is a pioneer in autonomous case-handling robots (ACR). The company is committed to providing efficient, intelligent, flexible, and customized warehouse automation solutions through advanced robotics technology and AI algorithms and creates value for each factory and logistics warehouse. Hai Robotics focuses on the R&D and design of autonomous case-handling robot systems (ACR). The company realizes the independent R&D of core elements such as robot body, bottom positioning algorithm, control system, robot scheduling, intelligent warehouse management system, and global patent layout. In 2015, the company developed haipick, the first autonomous case-handling robot system, and put it into commercial operation. Since then, it has been applied in 3PL, footwear, e-commerce, electronics, energy, manufacturing, medicine, and other industries. By using the HAIPICK system, customers can realize warehouse automation transformation in a week, increase storage density by 80% - 130%, and improve workers' work efficiency by 3-4 times.

About Bettaroe Robotics

Bettaroe Robotics proudly profiles itself as an independent provider of intelligent solutions for intralogistics and robotic facility management. Focusing on bringing together only the best global brands and offering a comprehensive package built on customized software, excellent service, and cutting-edge autonomous robots. Customer satisfaction is guaranteed by inhouse SW and HW development teams.

European customers can enjoy a comprehensive portfolio of robotic cleaners, UV robots, washers, guards and other facility and helper robots, as well as a wide range of robotic and software solutions for warehouses, factories, shopping centres, e-commerce and even hospitals.

Bettaroe Robotics is one of the first in the EU who has introduced its own brand of high-accuracy autonomous forklifts with quick and reliable pallet searching features specifically designed for the automotive industry.

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