HAI ROBOTICS In the Time of COVID-19

During the COVID-19 outbreak, automation has been pushed even further up the agenda. Because on the one hand, companies have faced labor shortages due to social distancing and lockdowns. On the other hand, online shopping has stepped up, requiring fast production and delivery through new channels. Implementing autonomous robots can be a quick measure to solve such a dilemma. As the pioneer in autonomous case-handling robotic systems, HAI ROBOTICS has done exactly this, through recent HAIPICK-based automation projects.

Fast Production with Smart Manufacturing

Because of the labor shortage caused by lockdowns, many manufactures have been paused and holding mass orders back. Given this situation, a fortune 500 company introduced the HAIPICK A42 system to its apparel factory and transforms operations towards smart manufacturing. 

In this apparel factory, HAI ROBOTICS has offered tailor-made 4.5m HAIPICK robots, capable of 4m picking height, improving the utilization of vertical space, and doubling the storage density. This HAIPICK-driven plant provides high levels of adaptability, visualized information management, and automated operation for manufacturing performance. With HAIPICK, this client was able to resume operation timely, enjoy high efficiency, and minimize the impacts of employee quarantine.

Speed up Dispatch with Smart Supply Chain

In response to surging online orders caused by lockdown, a top 3PL company has adopted the HAIPICK system to automate one computer spare parts warehouse for its clients. This warehouse is serving for a famous computer company as its global spare part management center, which required fast dispatch to fulfill its global orders.

With our effort, fast deployment was able to provide while protecting the safety of our employees. Due to the flexibility and autonomy of HAIPICK robots, the entire system was able to launch already in March 2020, just after the lockdown started to ease. The HAIPICK system increased storage density up to 180% and enhanced the security for high-value goods. And even more importantly, HAIPICK automized the warehouse operations, leading to 3-4 times the operator efficiency, yet again reducing the impact of quarantine and social distancing requirements on the operation. 

Adapting to create new value for clients

In the time of COVID-19, HAI ROBOTICS has served 24 clients. Remote services, including solution design, technical support, spare parts service, maintenance, and training have been provided even during this time of social distancing. Our operation team has been always been standing by and monitoring all sites as needed.

During this time, HAI ROBOTICS has adapted quickly to changes in customers’ business models and tailored new solutions and services as needed. As always, clients’ success is the heart of our mission. We firmly believe that flexible, easy, and intelligent automation is the way forward, and will continue to explore and create value for our customers.