HAI ROBOTICS Featured Top 50 Warehouse Automation Company

Shenzhen, China – HAI ROBOTICS, a pioneer in ACR systems, was featured in the Top 50 Warehouse Automation Company list by LogisticsIQ, leading research and advisory firm.

HAI ROBOTICS featured as one of the companies in the Autonomous Mobile Robots category, attributable to its self-developed Autonomous Case-handling Robot System using advanced robotics and AI algorithms.

LogisticsIQ Top 50 Warehouse Automation Companies

The list classifies automation companies into four main categories, Material Handling Equipment Providers or System Integrators, Autonomous Mobile Robots (AMR), Automatic Identification & Data Capture (AIDC), and Warehouse Management System (WMS).

LogisticsIQ report covers a myriad of technology and equipment ranging from storage and retrieval systems, picking systems, sortation systems, conveyors, and palletizing systems to data capture devices, software, and automated guided vehicles.

According to the report, there are substantial growth opportunities in the warehouse automation equipment space owing to several structural trends in consumer demand within eCommerce, retailing, and 3PL logistics. The Warehouse Automation Market was valued at USD 13 billion in 2018 and is expected to be worth USD 27 billion by 2025.

Warehouse Automation Market Map 2020

LogisticsIQ identifies that warehouse automation solutions optimize overall operation and efficiency by using automation equipment to perform redundant and time-consuming tasks that are usually performed by manual workers, allowing workers to focus on tasks that require manual intervention. Automation will become a necessary condition to meet the needs of customers. HAI ROBOTICS creates and delivers value to every customer with automation solutions to optimize warehousing operations.

Since 2015, HAI ROBOTICS has focused on the R&D and design of autonomous case-handling robotic (ACR) system and is committed to solving warehousing problems and creating customer value through advanced robotics and AI algorithms. In 2016, we successfully developed the first HAIPICK system independently. After continuous product iteration and innovation, we launched the world's first carton-picking ACR HAIPICK A42N and double-deep ACR HAIPICK A42D in 2020. We have developed more application scenarios and obtained rich business project experience, covering 3PL, footwear, e-commerce, electronics, power, manufacturing, medicine, and other industries.

R&D history of HAI ROBOTICS products

Automation is a necessary condition to meet the needs of customers. Especially under the changing scenario of the coronavirus pandemic, consumption habits are transferring from offline to online, and supply chain uncertainty increases. More enterprises choose to upgrade to automation to control costs and operational complexity and improve efficiency. HAIPICK systems can independently complete intelligent storage, picking, and handling, support the docking of various logistics equipment, enabling operation of warehouses and factories of different industries, and achieving 230% storage density and 300% - 400% labor efficiency.

The market needs scalable and more flexible solutions. The large-scale design of warehouse automation solutions can reduce operating costs to achieve higher warehousing efficiency and order accuracy. The dynamic warehousing business puts forward higher requirements for the flexibility of the solution. HAI ROBOTICS warehouse systems can complete the warehouse automation transformation of 2000m2 in one week, complete the project online in one month, and realize the warehouse expansion and relocation based on the business needs.

Cost-effectiveness and quality are the main reasons for enterprises to choose automation. Warehouse automation solutions have both efficiency and accuracy and can realize 24/7 operation regardless of the weather conditions. Cost-effectiveness has become a major reason for enterprises to choose automation. After years of R & D, testing and iteration, HAIPICK systems provide customers with a truly stable, deliverable, and acceptable automate case-handling robot system, which speeds up the return on investment.