HAI ROBOTICS and SEER Cooperation Bring the World’s First Laser SLAM ACR

The 22nd China International Industrial Fair (CIIF) opened grandly. During the exhibition, HAI ROBOTICS and SEER announced their strategic cooperation. They jointly launched the world's first Laser SLAM ACR, creating a flexible solution to optimize operations to build a smart plant. As the best partner in the manufacturing factory, the Laser SLAM ACR feeds assembly lines in a friendly HMI (Human-machine Interaction) way, opening a new industrial handling era.

Press Conference at SEER’s Booth

A new technological breakthrough through cooperation

HAI ROBOTICS and SEER jointly developed the world's first Laser Slam ACR. This robot can realize laser slam navigation to map an entire room with higher accuracy. It is equipped with a built-in SRC core controller. It integrates navigation, safety, and multi-functions, realizing flexible docking, precise picking and placing, and efficient handling. It has become the perfect solution that easily feeds assembly lines in a factory enabling intelligent manufacturing.

Ultra-precision picking and placing

The Laser Slam ACR can be integrated into customer's systems. It uses to achieve accurate material picking and placing, intelligent picking and handling, and assist ultra-efficient operation.

Multi-layer Laser SLAM ACR Realizing Efficient and Accurate Operation

Super flexible docking

The factory business is complex and diverse, and the demand for logistics equipment is not always the same. The Laser Slam ACR can flexibly interact with various equipment, including roller, shelf, latent AGV, manual workstation, and other operating platforms, which can be taken and placed freely. Imaging unlimited docking and more extensive application scenarios.

Conveyor Line Docking

Humanized design

The Laser Slam ACR adopts a humanized design, realizing free lifting of 0.4m ~ 1.86m, easily adapts to manual operation mode, flexibly matches various working heights, creating a comfortable operating experience and a friendly human-machine interaction.

Ultra-flexible deployment

Coping with changing work environments? Slam navigation helps the robot adapt to changing working locations without DM code navigation, breaking through traditional assembly lines' limitations, realizing discrete manufacturing, and flexible enabling intelligent manufacturing.

Smooth Running, Flexible Turning

Ultra-safe navigation

The Laser SLAM ACR has a built-in SRC controller developed by SEER. It provides the robot with essential functions such as map construction, positioning, navigation, 3D obstacle avoidance, and other functions to achieve ultra-safe navigation and protect personnel. These functions are suitable for the complex man-machine mixed environment, more intelligent and efficient.

HAI ROBOTICS, Meng Zhaokun (left) and SEER, Ye Yangsheng (right) at the Press Conference of CIIF


As a pioneer in autonomous case-handling robotics (ACR), HAI ROBOTICS is the leading innovator of core ACR technologies such as positioning algorithms, autonomous control systems, intelligent robot scheduling, and inventory systems with global patents.

The development of ACRs started in 2015. HAI has since brought additional revolutionary concepts into the warehouse automation industry, such double-deep robots, and carton-picking robots. Through autonomous robotic technology and AI algorithms, HAI provides customizable warehouse automation solutions that are flexible and fast to implement, creating previously unseen possibilities for warehouse automation.

About SEER

Shanghai Seer Intelligent Technology Co., Ltd. (SEER) is a high-tech enterprise specializing in intelligent manufacturing and wisdom logistics. Its business covers general-purpose AMR controllers, automatic forklifts, visual industrial system software and intelligent machine vision solutions, providing one-stop solutions & services for customers in various industries, and committed to promoting industrial transformation and upgrading to informatization, digitalization and intelligentization.

From discovering demands to satisfying demands, from satisfying demands to creating demands, SEER has been constantly seeking breakthroughs in customers' needs and its own multi-level needs, focusing on industrial intelligentization and implementing open innovation to create value for its partners.