Alibaba Launches Rhino Smart Manufacturing Platform

Chinese tech giant Alibaba officially launched the new Rhino Smart Manufacturing Platform. The world's first new manufacturing platform and a model factory for the "new manufacturing" strategy proposed by former Alibaba chairman Jack Ma. The Rhino Smart Manufacturing Platform incorporates a swathe of advanced technologies, including cloud computing, the Internet of Things, and artificial intelligence.

On October 13, 2016, Jack Ma first proposed the "Five New Strategies" at the Yunqi Conference that year, including new retail, new manufacturing, new finance, new technology, and new energy. Rhino Smart Manufacturing Factory is the No. 1 project of new manufacturing strategy.

The Rhino Smart Manufacturing Factory is a digital intelligent manufacturing platform specializing in serving small and medium-sized enterprises. It had conducted pilot cooperation with more than 200 small and medium-sized Taobao merchants before it was officially put into production. It first took the clothing industry as the entry point to achieve mass production of customized clothing.

Rhino Smart Manufacturing Factory

With the rise of the digital economy and mobile Internet development, Chinese consumption characteristics have undergone significant changes, entering a new consumer-centered consumption era. The diversified and personalized needs of consumer groups are reshaping the consumer goods market and the relationship between supply and demand, driving enterprises to restructure their production mode, transforming from production-based marketing to on-demand production, and realizing the transformation and upgrading of manufacturing.

Small and medium-sized clothing brands can build their factories by themselves. However, building the supply chain is difficult and costly. Rhino Smart Manufacturing Platform takes the clothing field as the breakthrough point based on small and medium-sized garment enterprises' pain points. It integrates big data, artificial intelligence, and the Internet of things technology to realize on-demand development and on-demand manufacturing.

Rhino Smart Manufacturing Factory aims to open up the demand and supply side of commodities so that on-demand production can be realized on a large scale. On the demand side, Rhino Smart Manufacturing has opened up Taobao Tmall, relying on substantial user data to provide brand owners with accurate sales forecasts; on the supply side, through a flexible manufacturing system. In this process, merchants can respond to market demand changes faster, saving time and costs for large-scale stocking in advance, while reducing the risk of inventory backlog, and consumers can more freely meet their own needs.


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