HAIPICK A42D Solution Was Selected as a Technology Innovator by The Mobile Robot Guide

HAIPICK A42D solution was selected as a Technology Innovator by the Mobile Robot Guide in the 2020 Buyers Guide <October> Solutions Edition.

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Solutions receiving the Technology Innovator award were selected because their technology and/or implementation was unique or a novel solution to the problems being addressed. This includes either a combination of technologies integrated into the platform, a feature, or capability unique to the market.

Technology Innovator - HAIPICK A42D

HAIPICK A42D solution is unique in the marketplace due to its double-deep shelving capabilities, which optimize storage density. With this solution, customers can deploy some of the densest inventory storage capacity per area of their warehouse.

HAIPICK A42D robot is the world's first double-deep autonomous case-handling robot (ACR), an advanced robot that automates the warehouse and improves order fulfillment efficiency. The robot intelligently identifies, locates, and picks the desired item in the warehouse. It can pick up to 9 totes at the same time and carry them to the workstation. The robot can reach totes placed at nearly 5-meter-high and realize double-deep shelving increasing storage density by up to 130% and reducing aisles space between racks by up to 50%, which significantly optimizes storage density.

HAIPICK A42D is powered by HAIQ system (the company's proprietary intelligent software), it continuously analyzes and optimizes operational efficiency and system efficiency. The system is suitable for operations that manage large amounts of SKUs. It uses advanced algorithms that can be tailored to match diverse business models and optimize fork accessibility. These algorithms allow the robot to handle demands issued by business-related systems, such as inbound, outbound, sorting, inventory check, and inventory relocation, and significantly improve the picking accuracy up to 99.9%. It speeds up the repetitive, time-consuming, and arduous work of handling, picking, and storage, which dramatically improves the workers' efficiency, achieving unprecedented high operational efficiency of 3-4 times (per worker) compared to manual labor. It perfectly fits within the existing warehouses and is easy to adapt to different environments.

HAIPICK A42D offers a cost-effective solution that significantly optimizes storage space density, delivers high operational efficiency, reduces picking errors, and offers high-flexibility for every warehouse.

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HAI ROBOTICS is a pioneer in autonomous case-handling robots (ACR). The company is committed to providing efficient, intelligent, flexible, and customized warehouse automation solutions through advanced robotics technology and AI algorithms and creates value for each factory and logistics warehouse. HAI ROBOTICS focuses on the R & D and design of autonomous case-handling robot systems (ACR). The company realizes the independent R&D of core elements such as robot body, bottom positioning algorithm, control system, robot scheduling, intelligent warehouse management system, and has carried out global patent layout. In 2015, the company developed HAIPICK, the first autonomous case-handling robot system, and put it into commercial operation. Since then, it has been applied in 3PL, footwear, e-commerce, electronics, energy, manufacturing, medicine, and other industries. By using the HAIPICK system, customers can realize warehouse automation transformation in a week, increase storage density by 80% - 130%, and improve workers' work efficiency by 3-4 times.