The leader in autonomous case-handling robotics system, HAI ROBOTICS, is celebrating its 4th year anniversary. The company has grown from a small startup to a company with services in 5 continents. 2020 was a special year where the company achieved significant milestones. Amid the pandemic, big challenges put a major strain on the entire supply chain industry. Robotics automation has played an unprecedented role in the industry, allowing companies such as HAI ROBOTICS to expand their business rapidly.

The finance

With only 4 years, HAI ROBOTICS has grown from a small startup to a large company with over 300 employees. Backed with investment from Prof. Zexiang Li, Chairman of DJI (2016), the company completed a series B round of financing in September 2020 led by Source Code Capital, with participation from existing investors Walden International and 01VC. With the series A round from Walden International and Best Logistics completed last year, the total amount of two financing rounds exceeded USD 14.66 million (RMB 100 million). It is estimated that the company's revenue in 2020 will be 15 times higher than the previous year.

Recently HAI ROBOTICS was featured as one of the "Most Promising Startups by The Information," based on current revenue, business model, and growth prospects. With more than 70 on-going projects worldwide in various industries and more than 500 robots deployed to date, the company has successfully expanded its business and services across 5 continents. Headquartered in Shenzhen, the company opened four offices this year in Beijing, Shanghai, Suzhou, and Tokyo. It is working with partners worldwide, providing one-stop services that include project planning, system integration, manufacturing, deployment, cutover, and customer service.

HAI ROBOTICS Businesses & Services Worldwide Covers 5 Continents

Projects & Partnership

In 2020, HAI ROBOTICS joined efforts with different customers and partners, including SF-DHL, Philips, Best Supply Chain, JD, Panasonic, LG CNS, Mujin, SEER, Malu Innovation, YOUIBOT, and other global brands.

In September this year, HAI ROBOTICS signed an important agreement with the smart logistics business unit of LG CNS in South Korea. The agreement seeks new opportunities to enable automation of warehouse operations in the country.

In November this year, Booktopia, the largest Australian-own online retailer operating in the country, announced it will trial HAIPICK robots in its warehouse early next year.

The company covers different industries, such as apparel, e-commerce, spare parts, retail, 3PL, electronics, pharmaceuticals, automotive, and energy.

More Than 70 Projects On-going Projects Worldwide

HAI ROBOTICS has also participated in international trade fairs. The company presented its HAIPICK robots at MODEX 2020 in the United States, gaining much attention. The company is committed to helping customers to quickly and efficiently complete warehouse automation transformation while reducing costs.

HAI ROBOTICS on Exhibition

New Products

Committed to "use robotics to promote the progress of humanity," the company launched 5 new products this year, which were well received by our customers and marked new trends in the warehouse robotics industry.

HAIPICK A42D – Last June, the company launched the first double-deep ACR, an autonomous robot that optimizes space usage with its double-deep functions, increases storage density by 130%, and reduces aisle space by 50%,

HAIPICK A42N - The world's first carton-picking ACR supports mixed picking of cartons and totes of different sizes.

HAIPICK A42T - The world's first telescopic lift ACR can flexibly cover a range from 0.25m to 6.50m making unreachable warehouse storage spaces accessible. This function suits various warehouses with irregular sizes.

HAIPICK A42 SLAM – In September HAI ROBOTICS and SEER jointly launched the HAIPICK A42 SLAM. The robot can realize laser slam navigation to map an entire room with higher accuracy. It integrates navigation, safety, and multi-functions, realizing flexible docking, precise picking and placing, and efficient handling.

HAIPORT – an automatic case-loading machine, smoothly docks with HAIPICK robots and cooperates with conveyor workstations, loading/unloading 6-8 cases at the same time, realizing automation processes involving loading and unloading.


In addition to the new products, the company also obtained two important certifications, the ISO9001, and CE, reaffirming the commitment to deliver high-quality products.

HAI ROBOTICS expects to launch new innovative products in 2021 and increase its business in the overseas market. The company plans to expand its workforce considerably next year and bring more opportunities to new partners customers.