Elevate Your Automated Storage Expectations with Hai Robotics

Increase your storage capacity while reducing your facility footprint. Explore industry-leading Automated Storage and Retrieval Solutions (ASRS) driven by award-winning Autonomous Case-handling Mobile Robot (ACR) technology. Hai Robotics offers a comprehensive suite of solutions to improve warehouse efficiency, elevate storage expections, and reduce labor costs and workplace accidents.


In warehouses, wasted space means wasted time and money.

Maximize your storage capacity while minimizing your facility footprint by utilizing Hai Robotics' innovative ASRS warehouse automation solutions driven by award-winning ACR technology.

ASRS Warehouse Automation Solutions

Hai Robotics’ advanced inventory automation solutions reduce storage footprints by up to 75% and elevate vertical storage to 10m (32 Feet). These results allow businesses to get the most productivity out of their existing facilities. Secondly, ASRS warehouse automation solutions lower operating and labor costs while remaining independent of any restrictive storage medium.

Our superior ACR technologies power our ASRS turn-key automated storage solutions.

Through refined intelligent integration, our reliable ASRS automation solutions can perform within any system created out of almost any industry-standard racking. Flexibility is also one of our top priorities—containers of almost any material: tote, tray, cardboard, foam, and beyond are seamlessly managed and swiftly processed. Furthermore, if your product is aligned appropriately, it may not need a container to be efficiently handled and processed by our ASRS systems.

Tried of looking for flexible and cost-effective solutions for your warehouses?

Our ACRs operate independently of any storage medium, meaning they solve the problems that rigid constructs such as shuttle or grid-based systems burden facilities with—exorbitant costs. Coupled with required unique containers and prohibitive storage structures, these inconvenient storage mediums can exhaust budgets. Hai Robotic's ASRS systems provide modern storage density with common-sense solutions.

At Hai Robotics, we believe your automated storage should be designed around your products and tailor-made for your needs.

Watch the video above to see our lineup of equipment options, how our solutions can help elevate your facility's storage utilization, and how straightforward it can be to scale our technologies as your business grows.



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