Software Platform

is an intelligent software platform that leverages advanced algorithms to streamline order fulfillment and inventory management. It serves as the central command for inbound, outbound and inventory management, seamlessly integrating with other devices.

HAI Q software platform
HAI Q software platform

Software Architecture

Thorough R&D
Thorough R&D

Results in rugged software with seamless integrations

Flexible Configuration
Flexible Configuration

Meet the specific demands of the warehouse process

Flexible Scheduling
Flexible Scheduling

Support quick integration of multi-type equipment and coordination

Service Oriented Architecture
Service Oriented Architecture

Modular in-house developed software environment easily adapts to any changes in your business

Intelligent Resource Orchestration
Intelligent Resource Orchestration

Optimize capacity and space utilization

Continuous Algorithmic Optimization
Continuous Algorithmic Optimization

Achieve operational optimization

Warehouse Execution System (WES)

Hai Robotics Warehouse Execution System (WES) is a smart system that seamlessly interfaces with upstream systems such as ERP, WMS, MES and supports operations such as outbound, inbound, inventory check, stock consolidation and material handling. The system features flexible workstation configuration and operation strategies, such as order grouping, order splitting, wave rule and heat strategy.


* Convenient Upstream System Access

We have experience in implementing projects with well-known ERP and WMS vendors, allowing for flexible field configuration to meet various docking requirements.


* Efficient Configuration and Algorithms

Configure workstation operation rules, support business strategies such as grouping and splitting orders, and have intelligent and efficient algorithms.


* Standard Deployment Plan

It has high availability with automatic switching in case of failure, as well as load balancing and data disaster prevention features.


* Stable and Secure Platform

Capable of processing up to 10,000 external requests per second. The data communication between robots uses encrypted components.

Equipment Schedule System (ESS)

Hai Robotics Equipment Scheduling System (ESS) integrates robots, equipment, and physical environment information into a unified management system, including task management, resource management and other functions. It receives instructions from upstream systems to control various types of warehouse robots to perform material handling tasks.


* Rich Equipment Integration

Integrated with HaiPick, HaiPort, HaiFlex, conveyors, pick to light system, emergency stop switches, guard doors, etc.


* Multi-type Robot Mixed Field Operation

Mixed scheduling of multiple types of AGVs, such as scheduling HaiPick, HaiFlex.


* Efficient Task Linking

Multiple devices work in parallel to complete related tasks, reducing mutual waiting.


* Large-scale Robots Scheduling

Capable of scheduling over 1000 robots.

Data Platform

The Data platform collects and integrates data from various systems, including WES, ESS, and Robots. It centralizes the processing of data related to warehouses, robots, equipment, personnel, and commodities.


Using intuitive and easy-to-understand visualization interface, the value of data analysis can be demonstrated, such as warehouse traffic, work efficiency, providing management and decision-making basis for business managers.

Simulation Platform

The Simulation Platform creates a virtual warehouse by inputting map files, order files, inventory files, and demand configurations. By incorporating the actual customer scenario's demand parameters, the platform conducts a 1:1 simulation.


Using the simulation results of robot operations, the project plan is swiftly verified, and strategies and on-site configurations are promptly adjusted to promote the best solution. This helps customers achieve maximum project benefits.

Algorithm Platform

As the intelligent brain of the HAI Q system, the Algorithm Platform is responsible for the analysis, computation and decision-making of various systematic scenarios. Intelligent analysis, high-efficiency computing and smart decision-making remarkably improve the operating efficiency of the system to the greatest extent.


* Order Allocation Algorithm

Select orders from the order pool and assign them to workstations to maximize order timeliness, picking efficiency, and workload balance.


* Task Allocation Algorithm

Assign tasks to robots to ensure optimal transport efficiency and timely completion of transport tasks.


* Path Planning Algorithm

Minimize robot travel distance, achieve robot avoidance, queueing, and other actions, and reduce workstation downtime.


* Charging Algorithm

Provide stable and sufficient robot transport resources to ensure efficient completion of warehouse operations.

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