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As the global fashion industry continues to grow, its supply chain is facing increasingly complex challenges. Companies are now more sensitive than ever to order fulfillment times, and require a more agile, intelligent, and efficient system to ensure a rapid turnover of goods. This not only improves the responsiveness of the supply chain but also reduces the risk of inventory overstocking.

Hai Robotics has introduced a highly flexible and efficient logistics solution tailored to the unique needs of the fashion industry. With a complete process and various scenarios catered to this sector, it offers a powerful solution to address these challenges.

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As consumers become increasingly diverse and individualized, the pursuit of better user and delivery experiences has presented higher demands for E-commerce companies. They now need to fulfill orders faster, manage a massive number of SKUs, handle a doubled order volume, and manage increased return orders.

Hai Robotics offers smart logistics solutions for E-commerce companies to help them easily handle the surge in orders during peak promotion seasons. With our cutting-edge technology and expertise, we help streamline the fulfillment process, enabling companies to meet the increasing demands of their customers.



As businesses continue to grow, the need for 3PL companies to cater to various scenarios is also on the rise. However, low warehouse storage density and inefficient workers have become the main obstacles to development. In the current environment of an aging population, labor shortage, and rising rents, Hai Robotics offers ACR solutions that can help 3PL companies upgrade their operations intelligently. By improving warehouse storage density, reducing dependence on human labor, and increasing cost-effectiveness and efficiency, Hai Robotics' ACR solutions can help 3PL companies achieve their goals.



In today's business landscape, market instability factors are on the rise, leading to intensified competition in the retail industry. Given the challenges of managing increasing warehouse logistics costs, labor shortages, and unpredictable consumer demand, the retail industry is focusing more and more on building a flexible supply chain to adapt to the dynamic market environment.

In this context, Hai Robotics presents intelligent warehousing solutions to help the retail industry address the efficiency challenges of warehouse and logistics management. By leveraging cutting-edge technology, Hai Robotics can help retailers streamline their operations and optimize their supply chain to meet the demands of a rapidly changing market.



With the world's population aging and the incidence of disease on the rise, healthcare spending as a proportion of GDP continues to increase. Coupled with the growing emphasis on improved health standards, the healthcare industry is poised for continued growth in the years ahead.

To help pharmaceutical companies meet the demands of this expanding market, Hai Robotics offers complete process automation solutions for pharmaceutical logistics. By leveraging advanced technology, these solutions can achieve high levels of accuracy and efficiency in inbound and outbound processes, helping companies streamline their operations and meet the evolving needs of their customers.



As consumer preferences continue to shift towards greater personalization and customization, production modes are evolving towards small batches with multiple varieties. This trend towards flexibility is placing higher demands on supply chains, requiring fine management, rapid response times, and high levels of efficiency.

To help electronics manufacturers meet these evolving demands, Hai Robotics offers intelligent warehousing solutions designed to address the efficiency challenges of warehousing and logistics management. By leveraging cutting-edge technology, these solutions can help manufacturers optimize their supply chain operations and streamline their logistics processes, enabling them to respond quickly and effectively to the demands of the market.



The trend towards diversified order-driven production and rising labor costs is posing significant challenges to traditional warehousing logistics models. In response, Hai Robotics is breaking from traditional manual operations and achieving breakthroughs in efficiency, cost-effectiveness, and flexibility. Through our innovative approach, we are leading the automotive industry's logistics operations into a new era of automation, intelligence, and digitization.

Cross-border E-commerce

Cross-border E-commerce

Warehousing for cross-border e-commerce is a complex process that requires managing numerous customers and their respective goods within a single warehouse, leading to complex SKU requirements and high storage density demands. Additionally, with the intensification of cross-border e-commerce competition, logistics and warehousing issues have become even more prominent, prompting many companies to turn to overseas warehousing solutions.

However, operating overseas warehouses can be challenging due to the need for local labor, particularly in developed countries where wages are high, working hours are short, and labor management is difficult. To help cross-border e-commerce companies navigate these challenges, Hai Robotics presents warehousing automation solutions designed to accelerate export operations. By automating key warehousing processes, our solutions can help companies increase efficiency, reduce labor costs, and improve overall supply chain performance.

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