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With the trend of the global fashion industry strengthening, the supply chain is facing more and more challenges. Companies are becoming increasingly sensitive to order fulfillment time, requiring a more flexible, intelligent and efficient system to realize fast turnover of goods, improving the responsiveness of the supply chain and reducing the risk of inventory overstocking. Hai Robotics presents a more flexible and efficient logistics solution with a complete process and various scenarios for the fashion industry. 

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As consumers present diversification and individualization, pursuing better user and deliver experience puts forward the higher requirements to the E-commerce companies. Faster order fulfillment, massive SKU, doubled order volume and increased return orders. Hai Robotics presents smart logistics solutions for E-commerce, helping companies easily accommodate the increasing orders in peak E-commerce order promotion seasons.



With the development of business, the demand of 3PL companies for various scenarios is also increasing. Low warehouse storage density and low efficiency of workers have become the bottleneck of development. Under the environment of aging population, labor shotage and rising rents, Hai Robotics presents ACR solutions, helping 3PL companies upgrade intelligently by improving warehouse storage density, reducing dependence on people, and achieving cost reduction and efficiency increase.



In the context of increasing market instability factors, the market competition of the retail industry is intensifying.
With the challenges of increasing warehouse logistics management costs, labor shortage, difficult prediction of consumer demand, the retail industry is paying more and more attention to building a flexible supply chain, in order to better adapt to the changing market environment.
Hai Robotics presents intelligent warehousing solutions, helping the retail industry to cope with the efficiency challenges of warehousing and logistics management. 



As the world's population ages, the incidence of disease increases, the proportion of medical expenditure to GDP continues to rise and people's health standards continue to improve, the healthcare industry will continue to grow for a long time to come. 
Hai Robotics presents complete process automation solutions for pharmaceutical logistics, to achieve high accuracy and rapid inbound & outbound for pharmaceutical companies.



With the improvement of consumption (personalization & customization), the production mode is becoming small batches with multiple varieties, making the production line more flexible.  It brings higher requirements to the supply chain: fine management, speed of response, flexibility and efficiency. Hai Robotics presents intelligent warehousing solutions, helping electronics manufacturers to meet the efficiency challenges of warehousing and logistics management. 



The diversification of order-driven production and increasing labor costs make the traditional mode of warehousing logistics face great challenges. Hai Robotics breaks the traditional manual operation mode and achieves breakthroughs in efficiency, cost and flexibility, leading the logistics mode of the automotive industry to enter the revolution of automation, intelligence and digitization

Cross-border E-commerce

Cross-border E-commerce

There are many customers in the same warehouse at the same time, and different shippers correspond to different goods, resulting in complex SKUs across the platform and high storage density requirements. At the same time, with the intensification of cross-border e-commerce competition, the corresponding logistics and warehousing issues become more prominent, and modes like overseas warehouse become an important choice for cross-border e-commerce companies. The operation of overseas warehouses usually requires local labor. Due to the fact that the location of warehouses is usually in developed countries, there are issues with labor such as high wages, short working hours and difficulty to manage.  Hai Robotics presents warehousing automation solutions, helping cross-border e-commerce companies to accelerate their export.

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