How to Maximize Your Storage Density While Staying Flexible


Smart warehousing is like a giant game of Tetris, where every square inch matters. The way you stack and store inventory can directly impact the facility’s efficiency, profitability and overall functionality.

But here’s the catch: As you effectively minimize gaps and maximize use of available space, you start to lose flexibility to adapt when your operation changes or grows.

On this episode of Hai-er Automation, host Michelle Dawn Mooney explores the delicate balance between storage density and flexibility with Richie Chen, Founder and CEO of Hai Robotics, and Hunter Senn, Director of Sales at Hai Robotics U.S.

Chen and Senn discuss the ins and outs of space utilization, striking the right balance between storage density and flexibility, and practical advice on how to optimize your warehousing operations. They also unveil HaiPick System 3, a innovative solution that offers superior storage density, flexibility and scalability to take warehouse operational efficiency to new heights.

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