JNBY Group

Apparel Warehouse

storage locations


Storage Locations

Increase Warehousing Efficiency

100 times

Increase Warehousing Efficiency

Comprehensive Warehouse Efficiency Per Hour

5,000 pcs

Comprehensive Warehouse Efficiency Per Hour

picking accuracy


Picking Accuracy

Project Introduction

JNBY Group


Established in the year 1994, JNBY group has emerged as a prominent player in the Chinese fashion industry, renowned for its designer brand fashion offerings. With its headquarters located in Hangzhou, China, the company is primarily engaged in the research and development of creative designs, as well as the production and sale of branded clothing.

When it came to addressing their warehouse challenges surrounding return processes, JNBY opted for Hai Robotics'  solution. The decision was influenced by Hai Robotics' impressive track record of successfully implementing their solutions within the apparel industry.

Hai Robotics' tailored solution proved to be the perfect fit for JNBY's specific requirements. Designed to tackle the complexities involved in managing return processes, the solution offered by Hai Robotics ensured seamless operations within the warehouse. With this collaboration, JNBY aims to enhance their overall efficiency and streamline their return processes, further solidifying their position as an industry leader in China.

Pain Points

--Unbalanced operation (peak B2B end of quarter returns, daily store returns, peak returns after online promotion)

--Complex return operation (massive SKU return, multi-level sorting on shelves, single SKU and single storage)

--The return inventory cycle is slow (the peak return inventory is easy to squeeze, and the satisfaction rate of B2C inventory on sale is low

jnby return process warehouse robots
Our Solution

--Robot quantity & type: 56 units, A42L


--Charging stations:19


--Workstation type & quantity: 7 HAIPORT loaders + 7 HAIPORT unloaders


--Shelving height: 2780mm


--Storage unit type/size: Tote 600mm(L)×440mm (W)×280mm (H)

Customer Value

--Warehouse area: 16,000m²; Storage area: 12,400m²; More than 88,000 storage locations: add storage locations in the existing warehouse

--The comprehensive efficiency of warehousing increased from 50 pieces/hour to over 5,000 pieces/hour: the comprehensive efficiency of warehousing increased by more than 100 times, greatly reducing the warehousing time

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Take a look at Hai Robotics' interactive online Virtual Warehouse. Step into a world of boundless innovation and uncover the brilliance of Automated Storage and Retrieval Solutions (ASRS) from Hai Robotics. You will experience a fascinating journey through the following inbound and outbound processes and product features.

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Explore Virtual Warehouse

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