JNBY Group

Apparel Warehouse

storage locations


Storage Locations

Increase Warehousing Efficiency

100 times

Increase Warehousing Efficiency

Comprehensive Warehouse Efficiency Per Hour

5,000 pcs

Comprehensive Warehouse Efficiency Per Hour

picking accuracy


Picking Accuracy

Project Introduction

JNBY Group


Founded in 1994, JNBY group is one of the most influential designer brand fashion companies in China. Headquartered in Hangzhou, China, it focuses on the R & D of creative design, the production and sales of branded clothing. JNBY chose HAI ROBOTICS’ solution based on the large number of successful cases in the apparel industry. Additionally, for this project, the solution designed by HAI ROBOTICS can perfectly solve the challenges of return processes in the warehouse.

jnby return warehouse process video
Pain Points

--Unbalanced operation (peak B2B end of quarter returns, daily store returns, peak returns after online promotion)

--Complex return operation (massive SKU return, multi-level sorting on shelves, single SKU and single storage)

--The return inventory cycle is slow (the peak return inventory is easy to squeeze, and the satisfaction rate of B2C inventory on sale is low

jnby return process warehouse robots
Our Solution

--Robot quantity & type: 56 units, A42L


--Charging stations:19


--Workstation type & quantity: 7 HAIPORT loaders + 7 HAIPORT unloaders


--Shelving height: 2780mm


--Storage unit type/size: Tote 600mm(L)×440mm (W)×280mm (H)

Customer Value

--Warehouse area: 16,000m²; Storage area: 12,400m²; More than 88,000 storage locations: add storage locations in the existing warehouse

--The comprehensive efficiency of warehousing increased from 50 pieces/hour to over 5,000 pieces/hour: the comprehensive efficiency of warehousing increased by more than 100 times, greatly reducing the warehousing time


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