Cross Border E-commerce Warehouse

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Storage Locations

Improve Warehouse Efficiency

3-4 times

Improve Warehouse Efficiency

Picking Accuracy


Picking Accuracy

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Daily Processing Pieces

Project Introduction


United Kingdom

Winit (Shanghai) Information Technology Co., Ltd., is a provider of overall solutions for cross-border e-commerce, provides overseas warehousing and distribution services in Australia, the United States and Europe, helping Chinese sellers localize overseas operations, shorten the time limit for goods to reach the final buyer, and improve customer satisfaction and sellers' overseas competitiveness.

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Our Solution

Due to the rapid growth of business and the high labor costs in the UK, it is necessary for WINIT to improve operational efficiency and reduce costs. The warehouse handles many kinds of goods, which requires improving the inventory storage density. ACR system of HAI ROBOTICS has been successfully landed in the e-commerce industry and has a number of overseas projects, giving WINIT the confidence to cooperate with.

1. Rapid operation

HAIPICK robot with a height of more than 4 meters is equipped with an on-conveyor picking workstation to meet the continuous carton supply and workstation operation. The average efficiency of the workstation can reach more than 450 pieces and the daily processing capacity can reach 50,000 pieces.

2. High storage density

After using HAIPICK system, WINIT's British warehouse can double the storage density and store more than 10 totes per unit area.

3. Precise prompts and efficient selection

The system supports automatic identification of totes, improves picking accuracy and efficiency through picking display interface and electronic label, and designs different picking schemes for different orders to achieve 3-4 times the increase of picking efficiency.

4. High utilization

The tote division is flexible and variable, and 1/2/4/8 grids can be adjusted according to the commodity size, doubling the storage capacity of the divided totes, fully improving the volume utilization of the tote, and meeting the storage requirements of more SKUs.

"HAI ROBOTICS' autonomous case-handling robot systems achieve agile and efficient warehouse automation upgrade."

--WINIT’s Official Media
winit cross border ecommerce warehouse automation
winit cross border ecommerce warehouse robot

"HAI ROBOTICS' autonomous case-handling robot systems achieve agile and efficient warehouse automation upgrade."

--WINIT’s Official Media


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