Chang Industrial and Hai Robotics Combine to Launch Advanced Manufacturing Initiative


Chang Industrial and Hai Robotics announced the formation of a strategic partnership targeting North American manufacturers. Chang Industrial has built a consortium of engineering and supply chain partners and features Hai Robotics, a leading global provider of intelligent automated storage and retrieval systems (ASRS).  This collaboration aims to improve flexibility and sustainability in manufacturing offerings.

partnership with chang industrialChang Industrial’s combined goal with Hai Robotics is to optimize all aspects of the value chain, from concept to execution, with emphasis on autonomous systems, workforce optimization, and improved information communication technology for our North American manufacturers.

“The offerings from Hai Robotics equip the team with stand-alone and mixed fleet capabilities that are integral to Chang Industrial’s successful engineering and program delivery." said Chris Callura, Vice President of Operations and Strategic Partnerships at Chang Industrial.

Chang Industrial seeks to modernize today’s supply chain and improve workforce performance through creating technology road maps for companies to advance their technology or innovation initiatives and is excited to have Hai Robotics as a key partner in fulfilling these goals. “Hai Robotics is thrilled to collaborate with Chang Industrial to jointly innovate new solutions to automate factories and improve supply chain performance” according to Will McInnis, Technical Sales and Automation Advisor with Hai Robotics.

In forming the advanced manufacturing consortium, the teams of Chang Industrial and Hai Robotics plan on delivering innovative turnkey solutions for their customers worldwide and developing new business together. As it grows and matures, new partners will be introduced, events will be planned, and capabilities will be enhanced. The goal of the partnership is to eliminate packaging waste and plastic storage from most aspects of the supply chain and operations. Sustainability is the goal and that means more profits for clients and measurable improvements for the environment. In addition to manufacturing, the consortium will target healthcare, food processing, consumer products, retail, and wholesale distribution.



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