Hai Robotics Korea won the "2024 Korean Logistics Award" for best optimization practices


On May 17th, Hai Robotics Korea attended the 2024 Korean Logistics Society Spring Conference and Logistics Awards Ceremony. HaiPick System 3, provided by Hai Robotics to apparel customer NEPA, won the "Best Logistics Reference Award " for best optimization practices. Besides, at the 27th Korea Logistics Awards Ceremony held concurrently, Hai Robotics won the "Digital Logistics Award" in the logistics enterprise category.

2024 Korean Logistics Award

Joy Lee, General Manager of Hai Robotics Korea Region, received the award on the stage


Hai Robotics General Manager of Korea Region Joy Lee shared a successful case titled "Introducing Automation Systems in the Apparel Industry" at the conference. HaiPick System 3 has the advantages of easy transformation, easy installation, and easy expansion. Projects can go live in three months. Through the Autonomy Case-handling Mobile Robot(ACR) and the fast-transit robot K50H, intelligent picking and handling can be achieved, which can increase storage density by 80-500% and improve worker work efficiency by 3-6 times.

In the past, many Korean apparel customers used the traditional manual picking mode, which easily resulted in waste of operating costs, manpower, and work efficiency. Under the traditional mode, the height of rack is often limited by people's height, making it difficult to effectively utilize warehouse space. What's more,it requires lots of time and cost for human picking and training, and is inefficient and easy to make errors. Manually moving goods and manually entering a large amount of product information makes it difficult for management personnel to understand the constantly changing inventory data in real time. Customers' warehouses are distributed in multiple different locations, and it is also necessary to merge multiple warehouses into one warehouse for unified integrated management.


Joy Lee, General Manager of Hai Robotics Korea Region, shared a successful case of apparel customer

Joy Lee with Korea team membersJoy Lee with Korea team members


The HaiPick System 3 is an ultra-flexible goods-to-person warehouse automation solution, boasting exceptional storage density and efficiency. It integrates a grapppling hook Automated Case-handling Mobile Robot (ACR), the renowned fast-transit robot K50H, HaiStation workstations, shelves, totes, and the HaiQ intelligent warehouse management platform. This synchronized coordination facilitates efficient warehouse management activities such as efficient order retrieval, pallet inbound and outbound operations, inventory counting, and overall warehouse administration.


Grappling hook ACR and K50H exhibited at Korea MAT 2024


Revitalizing the Korean market and enhancing mutually beneficial cooperation.

Established in 2022, Hai Robotics' Korean subsidiary has been factoring prominently in the Korean market. It has catered to diverse sectors in Korea like footwear and apparel, automotive, retail, 3C manufacturing, energy, medicine, third-party logistics, and cross-border e-commerce. Upholding its foundational entrepreneurial values, Hazel Innovations is committed to offering increasingly refined, smart, unmanned warehouse solutions to its global clientele.



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