Hai Robotics to Illuminate the Future of Warehouse Automation at the Logistics Summit


Hai Robotics, pioneer and leader in Autonomous Case-handling Robot (ACR) Systems, is thrilled to announce its participation in the Logistics Summit event, taking place on October 11 and 12 in Düsseldorf, Germany. At the epicenter of innovation in the logistics and supply chain space, the summit will witness Hai Robotics' Virtual Warehouse – an avant-garde interactive platform designed to help attendees reimagine their future facility layouts, propelled by state-of-the-art robotic automation.

logistics-summitDeemed as the superior alternative to an Automated Storage & Retrieval System (ASRS), Hai Robotics is championing the way for flexible, scalable, and cost-efficient solutions. "The DACH region is projected to be among the top three focal regions for Hai Robotics in the foreseeable future," noted Julian Hafner, Senior Director 3PL at Hai Robotics EMEA. Julian's enthusiasm about the potential of this market will be further echoed during the event's Master Class sessions, on October 11, at 12:00 PM, where he will explore "The Future of Fulfilment Operations: Why Flexible & Scalable Warehouse Automation is the Key to Success."

The ongoing labor shortage in the DACH region has intensified the need for advanced automation solutions. In light of the challenge to attract and retain labor, businesses are exploring avenues that can minimize their dependency on manual labor throughout the order cycle. "Goods-to-Person solutions, akin to those pioneered by Hai Robotics, are not just a luxury but a necessity for the future," Julian added. He emphasizes that in an environment marked by economic challenges and rapid business fluxes, Hai Robotics steps in as the beacon of hope, offering financial models that resonate with businesses' unique needs—be it CAPEX, OPEX, leasing, or the increasingly popular Pay-per-Use models.

Echoing the company's robust global footprint, Julian added, "We cater to a broad spectrum of industries, including apparel, 3PL, grocery, and automotive/industrial sectors. Our portfolio boasts over 1,000 successful global implementations, and we pride ourselves on our rigorous compliance standards, including CE compliance specific to Germany. Each project undergoes meticulous external auditing to ensure adherence."

The Logistics Summit has carved a niche for itself as one of the leading events for digitalization and innovation in the logistics sector in the DACH region. It serves as an ideal backdrop for suppliers like Hai Robotics to delve into deeper engagements with potential clientele and broaden their outreach.

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Hai Robotics, pioneer and leader in Autonomous Case-handling Robot (ACR) Systems, is committed to providing flexible, intelligent, and efficient warehouse automation solutions through robotics technology. The HaiPick solution, independently developed in 2015, is the world's first-ever ACR solution. Hai Robotics is a global enterprise that has more than 1,000 projects worldwide and serves customers from more than 30 countries and regions. We have offices to cover the United States, Europe, Japan, South Korea, Southeast Asia and Australia. We strive to combine global experience with local expertise to provide our customers with tailored, quality solutions.

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