PBSA and Hai Robotics Announce Partnership to Optimise Warehouse Automation in South Africa


PBSA, a leading distributor of specialised automation solutions in South Africa, and Hai Robotics, the pioneer in Autonomous Case-handling Robots (ACRs), are delighted to announce their partnership. This collaboration aims to optimise warehouse operations in the local market, marking a significant advancement in supply chain efficiency and productivity.

PBSA Partnership NewsPBSA has decided to partner with Hai Robotics due to the latter's position as a leader and pioneer in Autonomous Case-handling Robot (ACR) technology. By leveraging Hai Robotics' expertise, PBSA aims to introduce cutting-edge automation solutions to local companies. This collaboration underscores PBSA's commitment to integrating innovative technologies into the existing supply chain ecosystem.

Ettienne Meyburgh, General Manager - Sales at PBSA:

'PBSA started a new Warehouse Automation division a year ago. In a country like South Africa, where there is a growing emphasis on improving supply chain efficiency, HAI Robotics could play a crucial role in optimizing warehouse operations, improving labor efficiency, and enhancing overall logistics productivity. Adapting robotics solutions to meet the specific needs and challenges of the South African market is essential. This might involve customization based on the types of goods commonly handled, warehouse sizes, and any unique logistics challenges present in the region. The same philosophy applies for PBSA for more than 20 years. Together with our impeccable Service Department, and years of satisfied clients, we will be able to implement excellent after sales service and maintain these systems.'

PBSA and Hai Robotics are committed to having a mutually beneficial partnership, which prioritises product quality, reliability, open communications and continuous improvement. Through training, support and regular assessments PBSA and Hai Robotics will work together and deliver exceptional solutions to customers. This collaboration represents a significant step towards optimising warehouse automation in South Africa and driving sustainable growth in the region's logistics industry.

About PBSA

For the past 20 years, PBSA has been a leading distributor of specialised automation solutions in Southern Africa, with a growing focus on small to large-scale bespoke warehouse and specialised health automation solutions. PBSA has robust support from a network of globally recognised original equipment manufacturing partners known for their trusted, high- quality and proven technology suite.

PBSA believes innovation and growth go hand-in-hand with long-held ideals such as collaboration, integrity and accountability. PBSA envisions a future where automation technology is seamlessly integrated into all aspects of life, from manufacturing and logistics to healthcare and education. Our aim is to create a more sustainable, efficient and productive world that benefits everyone. PBSA understands automation solutions for businesses of all sizes and requirements, ensuring the benefit of excellent sustained 'after sales' service support, cost saving, reduced operational risk, and competitive advantage.



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