SENCO Příbram Embarks on Advanced Robotics Automation with KVADOS and Hai Robotics


SENCO Příbram, a leading Czech company that engages in the design and production of low-voltage electrical switchgear, has successfully obtained financial support for the modernization of its intralogistics thanks to the quality of the documentation and the return on investment of the project. For the implementation of the project, the company chose an experienced supplier of complex logistics solutions, KVADOS, a.s.

advanced robotics automation project

Project Description

Within the framework of the company's development, an opportunity was identified to increase the quality of production through reliable material flow by modernising intralogistics. The idea was to modernize the outdated logistics area and add management and automation elements. For the development of the idea, a cooperation was established with the specialized consulting company LOGICON Partner, s.r.o. and a logistics study defined the variants of possible logistics development. The company management decided to opt for a modern solution using automation. For the implementation of this important project, which involved the delivery of a complex logistics management system (WMS), but also a robotic solution for the storage of smaller parts in KLT boxes and the expansion of the pallet warehouse capacity, the company applied for a subsidy from the EU Digital Enterprise programme. Due to the well-prepared documentation and also reasonable return on investment, the company received the subsidy and in the open tender process chose an experienced supplier of complex logistics solutions - KVADOS, a.s., which proposed a solution from Hai Robotics for automation and robotization. The solution enables the effective use of the current warehouse space. This solution is central to this project, providing advanced robotic technology for efficient storage and handling of small parts using 10-meter-high KLT robots and contributing to the overall improvement of the warehouse's operational efficiency. Efficient handling will be complemented by 2 conveyor-supported workstations as well as the myFABER® PalletJack X20 autonomous pallet robot.

Project Progress

The tender and follow-up contract was signed in January 2023. Work began immediately on the development of a comprehensive solution design and a study was initiated on the deployment of the WMS and its integration with other information systems used by SENCO. After the development of the design and the technical part of the project, key components such as myFABER® HaiPick robots, conveyor, racking system and more than 7 000 KLT totes were ordered. In the warehouse, construction work and modifications to the premises, floors, and wiring began, even during full operation of the warehouse and production. Until the end of 2023, delivery and installation will take place so that, according to the project schedule, trial and test operations can take place from the beginning of 2024 to the middle of 2024, with a gradual ramp-up of operations to the end of 2024.

advanced robotics automation project robots operation

About SENCO Příbram spol. s r.o.

SENCO Příbram spol. s r.o. is a traditional, Czech and family-owned company. The main activity of the company is the design, construction and production of low-voltage electrical switchboards, both electrically and mechanically. Thanks to its own production facilities, it produces switchboard cabinets from the typical to completely atypical ones, both in piece and small series type of production.

Among its main strengths are quality, comprehensive services and the constant development and innovation of the entire company and equipment. They strive to continuously expand their capabilities and are always mindful of the expertise of their employees. This enables them to ensure the highest quality and build long-term business relationships with partners who are among the world leaders in their field.

For maximum flexibility and quality, they have their own support facilities which include CNC sheet metal fabrication, locksmithing and powder coating. With additional machinery such as a milling machine and lathe, they are able to produce more complex parts and also have their own cable assembly facility.

About KVADOS, a.s.

KVADOS, a.s. has been specialising in the supply of complex solutions for intralogistics for more than 30 years and currently holds the position of the largest supplier of WMS in the Czech Republic and Slovakia. In recent years, it has also expanded its competences to the supply of industrial automation and robotics logistics thanks to a number of acquisitions. Nowadays, within the KVADOS Group, the company not only supplies its own mySTOCK® WMS, but also robotic technologies under the myFABER® brand, which includes major manufacturers such as Hai Robotics, HIK Robot, Cubiscan, as well as myFABER® WES the control software layer itself.

The solution includes technologies from KVADOS, Hai Robotics, BITO, LOGSYS, Toyota Material Handling.

About Hai Robotics

Hai Robotics, pioneer and leader in Automated Case-handling Mobile Robot (ACR) Systems, is committed to providing flexible, intelligent, and efficient warehouse automation solutions through robotics technology and AI algorithms. The HaiPick solution, independently developed in 2015, is the world's first-ever ACR solution. Hai Robotics is a global enterprise that has more than 1,500 projects worldwide and serves customers from more than 30 countries and regions. We have offices to cover the United States, Europe, Japan, South Korea, Southeast Asia and Australia. We strive to combine global experience with local expertise to provide our customers with tailored, quality solutions.



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