HAI ROBOTICS Completes Round B of Funding Totaling USD 14.66 Million for Two Financing Rounds

Chinese logistics and warehousing robotic technology company Hai Robotics recently completed a series B round of financing led by Source Code Capital, with participation from existing investors Walden International and 01VC. With the series A round from Walden International and Best Logistics completed last year, the total amount of two financing rounds exceeded USD 14.66 million (RMB 100 million).

Founded in 2016, Hai Robotics focuses on R & D, design, and program planning of autonomous case-handling robotic systems. Its goods-to-person systems include HAIPICK robots (also known as KUBO in China), software system HAIQ, and workstations. These can realize material picking, handling, and sorting, and serve logistics warehouses and factories that require flexible automation transformation.

Shenzhen-based Hai Robotics realized the application of a single-case robot system in 2017 and the commercial application of a multi-case robot in 2018. At present, HAIPICK robots have been used in 3PL, shoes and clothing, e-commerce, electronics, manufacturing, healthcare, and other industries.

HAIPICK Robots at BEST Supply Chain Warehouse

According to Chen Yuqi, CEO and founder of Hai Robotics, the HAIPICK Robot System's design concept can be summarized as "affordable" and "easy to use." With HAIPICK, the warehouse's automation transformation can be completed within a week, and the entire system can be launched in a month. The HAIPICK robot picks and handles multiple bins or cartons at one time, thereby increasing workers' work efficiency by 3-4 times. Besides, the HAIPICK robot can be applied to a 5-meter shelf, increasing the warehouse storage capacity by 80%-130%.

Hao Yiwen, at Source Code Capital, commented: "Hai Robotics has a deep accumulation in goods-to-person solutions, and leading customers have also recognized HAIPICK in the industry in the past two years. We believe that the case-handling robot has advantages in storage capacity, delivery efficiency, and transformation cost, and it is a comprehensively cost-effective solution. We are optimistic that the team can continue to innovate and bring greater value to customers."

In the next step, Hai Robotics plans to establish multiple regional sales and technical service centers and cooperate with global system integrators and agents to form a global marketing network and technical service system. In addition to case-handling robots, the company will also combine robotic arms, packaging robots, laser navigation forklifts, conveyor belts, and other technologies to design flexible, efficient, and customized solutions for different customers.

HAIPICK Robots and Mujin’s Robotic Arm