HAI ROBOTICS, Storage Solutions in Partnership to Offer Expanded Solutions


HAI ROBOTICS, a global leader in Autonomous Case-handling Robot (ACR) systems for warehouse logistics, has announced a new partnership with Storage Solutions Inc. to integrate its smart warehousing technologies into solutions for warehouses, distribution centers, and fulfillment centers across North America.

The partnership is announced days ahead of MODEX 2022, a highly attended supply chain conference hosted by Material Handling Industry (MHI), the most significant material handling, logistics, and supply chain association in the U.S. 

The HAI ROBOTICS’ solution provides automatic storage and retrieval of totes or cartons to create a goods-to-person picking and replenishment workflow while also providing storage capabilities up to 27 feet high to maximize storage density. 

As dynamics around labor are increasingly challenging the operations along the supply chain, a growing share of U.S.-based fulfillment centers are investigating technology designed to increase fulfillment throughput while lowering operational costs, Storage Solutions pointed out. The technology supplied by HAI ROBOTICS provides flexible and efficient solutions that can be applied to manufacturing, third-party logistics, e-commerce, pharmaceutical, and manufacturing industries, the partners added.

“Through our combination of technologies, we can create an operation focused on accuracy, density, speed, and flexibility that can be catered to virtually any scenario and drive profitability through increased fulfillment potential,” explained Brian Reinhart, Vice President of Sales and Marketing with HAI ROBOTICS U.S. “Working with a trusted organization like Storage Solutions helps us integrate these solutions to companies who know they need to turn to automation but may not know where to begin.”

Eric McDonald, Chief Customer Officer at Storage Solutions, said, “We see tremendous upside potential for a large number of our current clients to integrate HAI ROBOTICS’ award-winning technology into their operations.” He continued, “Storage Solutions believes that walking is the most detrimental activity in a warehouse. HAI ROBOTICS solutions eliminate associates walking for replenishment and picking. Clients will be able to solve their labor and throughput challenges. HAI solutions are able to achieve rates 5x – 10x more than relying on associates walking through a warehouse.”

Founded in 2016, HAI ROBOTICS has launched over 300 projects worldwide and employs over 1,400 workers. With a vision to “create value for every warehouse and factory,” the company offers a full range of services and support, including design, integration, manufacturing, installation, training, and customer service.



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