Hai Robotics provides a one-stop solution, which can customize a complete set of charging systems according to customer business scenarios and warehousing automation transformation demands, thereby optimizing space utilization and reducing operating costs.

Charging Station

charging station
haicharger charging station

Charging Station

Specially designed to provide intelligent charging for HaiPick robot and ensure 7x24h operation. It can automatically detect plug-in connection, and realize remote monitoring of charging, charging station and robot.

Convenient & Fast

Simple installation, operation, and maintenance, plug and use

Real-time Display

Charging and communication status in real time

Dual-mode Operation

Manual and automatic

Smart Multimeter

Detection of voltage and current

Fast Charging

Full charge in 1.5 hours, and fast charging in only 45 min

Multiple Protection Mechanism

Voltage limiting / overheating / current limiting / short circuit / reverse connection / electric shock protection

Supports Customization

Fully meets the needs of customers

Extremely Harsh Environments

Uses industrial-grade components to adapt to harsh environments

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Smart Warehouse Logistics Solutions
fashion warehouse automation

Increase storage density by 80-400% and space utilization rate.

e-commerce warehouse automation

Easy to expand, transform, and relocate, quick response to market demands, and business changes.

3PL warehouse automation

Increase operational efficiency by 3-4 times per worker, working accuracy 99.99%.


Support 2B, 2C, bonded warehouse, and other businesses to meet diverse needs.


Optimize operation procedures, improve storage efficiency, and shorten investment return cycles.


Flexibly respond to customized production requirements and facilitate efficient manufacturing.


Reduce operating costs and meet diverse production and industry scenarios.


Respond to changing business needs and achieve rapid expansion and production change.

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