ASRS, With No BS: A 3PL’s Experience With Goods-to-Person Automation


From readying your facility to fine-tuning your workflow, there's a lot that goes down between signing a purchase order for warehouse automation and getting the keys to your shiny new system.

On this episode of Hai-er Automation, host Michelle Dawn Mooney shines a light on the implementation process with Glen and Adam Womble, co-founders of apparel drop shipper and "boutique-as-a-service" company Avenue Shops, who recently took the plunge on a goods-to-person robotic system to maximize vertical space utilization and streamline fulfillment operations in their Utah-based warehouse.

The Womble brothers and Hai Robotics’ Hunter Senn discuss the nitty-gritty of implementing an Automated Storage and Retrieval System, or “ASRS,” from a user's perspective — including speedbumps, successes, and what they’d change if they could do it all again.

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Attend our educational session with Avenue Shops at Modex 2024: “ASRS, With No BS: A 3PL’s Experience with Automation.”

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