Best of 2023: A Winning Year for U.S. Warehouses and DCs


As we bid farewell to another remarkable year, it's time to reflect on the outstanding achievements that have defined the success of Hai Robotics in 2023. From receiving MHI’s prestigious annual innovation award, to breaking new ground with valued customers and partners, this year has been marked by a series of triumphs that showcase Hai’s commitment to innovation, customer-centricity, and strategic growth.

Tune in or read on for a 2023 recap of our customer, tech, and team wins — and a peek at what we’re looking forward to in the new year.

Best of: Customer Successes

A staggering 19 U.S. facilities have implemented Hai's advanved systems, revolutionizing their approach to warehouse management.

The transformative effects on our customers' operations in 2023 speak volumes:

  • Facility capacity and throughput soars: Compelled to relocate their fulfillment operations 7 times in just 6 years due to phenomenal growth, apparel drop shipper Avenue Shops achieved an astounding 250% capacity increase in their newest facility through implementing Hai's Automated Storage and Retrieval System (ASRS), driven by Autonomous Case-handling Mobile Robots (ACRs). The company’s daily average order throughput has jumped 65% as a direct result of the efficiency and optimization embedded in Hai's system.

  • Vertical storage optimization: Vertical storage, a critical aspect of warehouse space utilization, climbed 240% for JD Logistics at the company’s Fontana, California, fulfillment center. Within the same storage footprint, the number of unique SKUs JD Logistics stores and manages using Hai’s system has increased 42.9% — from 70,000+ SKUs to 100,000+ SKUs with room to grow.

  • Precision in order picking: Accuracy is paramount in the warehouse domain, and Hai has delivered with an astounding 99.9% or higher accuracy in order picking. Customers benefit from a reliable and precise order fulfillment process, reducing errors to near-zero levels.

  • Exponential increase in peak-season output: During the peak season, one of Hai’s customers experienced a remarkable surge, processing nearly 175% more orders compared to the previous year. This exemplifies the flexibility and scalability of Hai's systems, ensuring optimal performance even during demanding periods.

  • Streamlined staffing: One of Hai’s customers successfully trimmed employee training time from approximately 2 weeks to a swift 2 days. In a separate instance, another client was able to reduce the workforce picking orders per shift from 5-10 employees to a lean 1-2 individuals. Notably, this enhancement wasn't about job cuts but rather fostering growth opportunities for their valued employees.

Best of: Advancements in Tech

This year, Hai Robotics launched two groundbreaking solutions that redefine the possibilities for handling diverse material and containers, offering our customers enhanced storage density, flexibility and efficiency.

  • HaiPick System 2: Elevating storage possibilities. The HaiPick System 2 leverages our tried-and-true ACR technology, capable of reaching heights up to 32 feet. With this system, we've eliminated the bottom layers of traditional racking to open up space for our new Heavy Duty Companion K600 & K1000 Autonomous Mobile Robots (AMRs) to transport pallets, amorphous SKUs, and high-velocity movers. The result is a versatile storage solution that transcends boundaries, allowing us to service markets previously beyond our reach.

  • HaiPick System 3: The apex of speed and density. This year we proudly unveiled HaiPick System 3, the fastest, most dense, and cost-effective solution within Hai’s repertoire. This system introduces a revolutionary "grappling hook" methodology for tote storage. Departing from the conventional left-to-right and front-to-back spacing, our approach allows totes to seamlessly connect, forming a chain that eliminates any space between them. This allows for unprecedented storage density, with totes now stacked up to 3 deep.

HaiPick System 3’s fast-transit companion K50 AMRs — the fastest in the industry — freely navigate throughout storage facilities and among Hai’s flagship ACRs to facilitate smooth and uninterrupted outbound workflows for high-velocity SKUs.

Best of: Talent & Growth

Amidst the groundbreaking achievements of 2023, Hai has equally prioritized the growth and development of our U.S. team. The solutions division conceptualized and executed a remarkable 2-story system installation, while the implementation division set a new U.S. standard with the deployment of over 150 robots. In a testament to our collaboration with a growing network of integrator partners, another 1000+ bots have been contracted for the coming months.

Beyond the technological frontiers, Hai’s American team has experienced exponential growth, reflecting our commitment to providing localized support and expertise to all our customers across the nation. In a strategic move to enhance our service capabilities, we are thrilled to announce the upcoming addition of senior leaders and the expansion of divisions in key areas such as service and support, strategic partnerships, and key account management. This investment in leadership and expertise ensures that our customers receive unparalleled support and tailored solutions, cementing Hai’s position as a trusted partner in the journey toward warehouse automation excellence.

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