HaiPick Landed in SF DHL Apparel Warehouse

SF DHL Supply Chain seeks digitalization solutions to improve operational efficiency in third-party logistics. Instead of relying on human labor, SF DHL chose HaiPick solutions to transform its Hong Kong and Shanghai warehouses, which is an exemplary showcase of a digitalized warehouse operation.


Given the growing competitive market environment, SF DHL Supply Chain China (hereinafter referred to as SF DHL) has sought for digitalization solutions to improve operational efficiency in 3rd party logistics.

SF DHL Warehouse Equipped with HaiPick System

Instead of relying on human labor, SF DHL chose HaiPick solutions to transform its Hong Kong and Shanghai warehouses. With a one-month deployment time, the HaiPick solution has been implemented at the warehouses in Shanghai, which, according to SF DHL, is “an exemplary showcase of a “digitalized” warehouse operation”. 

Smart Warehouse Solution.jpg.jpg

HaiPick @ SF DHL Hong Kong Warehouse

HaiPick system has increased working efficiency by 300%-400% and storage density by 80%. It also successfully passed a "stress test" through highly efficient order fulfillment during a "6.18" peak period.

HAIPICK Robotics System.jpg.jpg

HaiPick @ SF DHL Shanghai Apparel Warehouse

Ping Zhifeng, the general manager of SF DHL FMCG / Retail Industry Division, commented that “we saw more possibilities for warehouse automation from this project. In the future, we will partner with Hai Robotics to push the transformation in smart logistics”.  

warehouse robots for SF.jpg.jpg

HaiPick @ SF DHL Computer Spare Parts Warehouse

The spare parts warehouse serves a top computer company as its global spare part management center. Each day, thousands of unique parts are shipped from this place, and more are stored and carefully tracked in this warehouse.



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