Hai Robotics Partners with MITSUI&CO. MACHINE TECH (SHANGHAI) LTD.

We're thrilled to announce our strategic partnership with MITSUI&CO. MACHINE TECH (SHANGHAI) LTD. to offer top-notch automation solutions to more manufacturing industry clients. 


Recently, Hai Robotics announced its strategic partnership with MITSUI&CO. MACHINE TECH (SHANGHAI) LTD. This alliance aims to offer top-notch warehouse automation solutions for clients in the manufacturing industry. It also signifies a deepening of cooperation between the two companies, as they have served several of the world's leading zipper giants.

cooperation with mitsuI macgine techKomai Takayuki, the General Manager of MITSUI&CO. MACHINE TECH (SHANGHAI) LTD. expressed his high expectations for the partnership: "Witnessing Hai Robotics' rapid growth over the past few years, I am excited about the future. We intend to actively collaborate with Hai Robotics to expand our international business in the future, in addition to our existing market."

general manaer of mitsuI macgine techHai Robotics' Autonomous Case-handling Robot (ACR) system can address the challenges of factory recruitment, high labor intensity, high personnel turnover, and the need for strict standardization and traceability of production and manufacturing.

Compared to other manual or robotic warehouse solutions, the ACR system has higher SKU hit rates, picking efficiency, and storage density, thereby improving operational efficiency for clients, allowing them to respond flexibly to large promotions and meet various scenario needs of different customers in the market. As to safety, the ACR robot comes with multiple safety measures, including emergency stops, obstacle avoidance, collision protection, sound, and light alarm modules, ensuring the safety of operators and robots during operation.

Established in 2008, MITSUI&CO. MACHINE TECH (SHANGHAI) LTD. is a Japanese trading company that sells and provides after-sales service for machine tools and equipment in China, Thailand, Indonesia, Vietnam, and Mexico.



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