Cross-border E-commerce Warehouse Solutions

As consumer preferences become more individualized and varied, cross-border e-commerce is witnessing significant growth, propelled by market forces. However, managing multiple customers in a single warehouse with various shippers and products can lead to complexities, including high storage density and numerous SKUs. Furthermore, escalating competition in cross-border e-commerce has made logistics and warehousing challenges more pronounced, leading many businesses to consider overseas warehousing as a viable option. Overseas warehousing typically requires hiring local labor, but operating in developed countries may pose labor-related issues, such as high wages, shorter working hours, and overseas warehouse management complexities.

To help cross-border e-commerce firms expedite their exports, Hai Robotics provides automated warehousing solution.


Cross Border Warehouse Solution: Key Highlights

increase storage density


Increase storage density by 80%-400%


2-3 Times

Increase overall efficiency by 2-3 times and reduce the cost effectively

100% covering productivity requirement


100% covering productivity requirement

Overseas Warehouse Management Solutions of Hai Robotics


HaiQ System Intelligently Manages the Storage, Including the Information of Consignor, Batch and so on

Make Full Use of the Warehouse Height, Increase Storage Density by 80%-400%

A Variety of Solutions to Cope with Peak Volume, Meeting 365 Days Capacity

Increase Overall Efficiency by 2-3 Times and Reduce the Cost Effectively

Seeing is Believing

Video: Explore How Our Automation Solutions Improve Cross Border Warehouse Management

If you're looking to improve your cross-border e-commerce warehouse management, then our video is a must-watch. By implementing automation solutions, you can streamline your warehouse operations and improve your bottom line. With the use of cutting-edge technologies, you can easily manage inventory and shipments across multiple locations, saving you time and reducing errors. Our video highlights the benefits of automation solutions for cross-border warehouse management, including increased efficiency, accuracy, and cost savings. So, if you're ready to take your warehouse management to the next level, watch our video today!

Video: Explore how our automation solutions improve cross borer warehouse management
Take Me To The Virtual Tour

Take a look at Hai Robotics' interactive online Virtual Warehouse. Step into a world of boundless innovation and uncover the brilliance of Automated Storage and Retrieval Solutions (ASRS) from Hai Robotics. You will experience a fascinating journey through the following inbound and outbound processes and product features.

Virtual Warehouse
Virtual Warehouse
Case Studies


Cross-border E-commerce Warehouse


daily processed pieces


picking accuracy

3-4 times

improved warehouse efficiency

Winit needed to improve its warehouse operational efficiency and reduce costs. Hai Robotics' solution has been applied in the e-commerce industry, providing a mature and stable solution to meet Winit's requirements.

Winit needed to improve its warehouse operational efficiency and reduce costs. Hai Robotics' solution has been applied in the e-commerce industry, providing a mature and stable solution to meet Winit's requirements.

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