Internet Company
Apparel Manufacturing Project

Launch Date: January , 2020

Location: Hangzhou, Zhejiang, China


<div class="blue">Internet Company</div>Apparel Manufacturing Project

In order to transform apparel manufacturing from large-scale and standardized to personalized and intelligent, the company chose HAIPICK system to automate apparel factories.


Rack system

Software system

Sorting & picking system

  • Manual operation with low efficiency and high cost
  • Low storage density
  • Hard to manage a vast number of SKUs
  • Difficulty in picking with order consolidation
  • Lack of information management system
  • Results
  • Customized 4.5m HAPICK robots and 4.1m shelving, doubling storage density
  • Achieved information management of multiple SKUs
  • More flexible for business. Supported totes of two specifications
  • One week to deployment, three weeks to go live