Top 3PL
E-commerce Warehouse in Hong Kong

Launch Date: May, 2020

Location: Hong Kong, China


<div class="blue">Top 3PL</div>E-commerce Warehouse in Hong Kong

As one of the most important free-trade port cities, Hong Kong offers an attractive global logistics network. Many cross-border e-commerce companies rent warehouses in Hong Kong to transfer goods. However, realizing global trade in this international city is no easy task due to the rising rental cost and limited space.


Double-deep ACR HAIPICK A42D

Rack system

Software system

Sorting & picking system

  • Low storage density
  • Manual operation, low efficiency
  • High rental cost
  • Results
  • Customized 4.2m high HAIPICK A42D robots, using 4-meters double-deep shelving; Increase storage density by 130% (14.5 cases/square meter)
  • High efficiency, providing tailored hot/cold location management
  • Remote implementation services for customers during the global pandemic