Xin Hee
Large Clothing Logistics Center Project

Launch Date: September 2020

Location: Fujian, China


<div class="blue">Xin Hee</div>Large Clothing Logistics Center Project

Xinhe is an international and well-known enterprise that integrates design, production, and sales of women's wear. Its business covers first-tier cities in China and other international cities abroad. To meet the increasing sales scale and market share, Xinhe plans to build a large-scale online and offline automatic management logistics center, to realize the efficient storage, management, and delivery of goods for both 2B and 2C clients.


34 customized HAIPICK A42 robots

14 U-shaped conveyor workstations

12 customized charging stations

HAIQ Software Platform

Customized storage units

  • Build an online and offline integrated logistics automation management center to cope with the rapid increase of orders.
  • The need to realize automatic processes such as new goods inbound, new goods outbound, returned goods storage, offline non-new goods storage, and e-commerce picking and delivery.
  • Warehouse robots and storage units shall be customized and designed according to the size regulation of Xinhe.
  • Improve labor and reduce cost.
  • Results
  • Achieved a shelving area of 6,200 square meters, providing more than 50,000 storage spaces.
  • High utilization rate of warehouse space, up to 90%.
  • Achieved 1180 cases/hour for outbound/inbound efficiency
  • Seamless connection with the WMS system to realize the optimization of location, route, and task allocation.