SF-DHL Supply Chain China
Apparel Warehouse

Launch Date: May, 2019

Location: Shanghai, China


<div class="blue">SF-DHL Supply Chain China</div>Apparel Warehouse

The warehouse serves for a fashion brand and provides such services as B2B & B2C order fulfillment, sample management and reverse logistics. Our client sought for automated solutions that provide efficiency improvement and visualized management.

  • Rack system
  • Software system
  • Sorting & picking system
  • Challenges
  • Low picking efficiency and accuracy
  • Insufficient storage capacity and low storage density
  • High security standard required
  • Surged volume in shopping events
  • Results
  • Realized information management and increased picking accuracy to 99.9%
  • Enhanced security with automation and unmanned operation
  • 80% storage capacity increase, 20 times inbound efficiency surge and 3.5 times outbound efficiency improvement
  • Swiftly deployed in one week, and went live in a month, successful operated in peak of 618 and double 11 Shopping Festival