BEST Supply Chain
Apparel Warehouse

Launch Date: August, 2018

Location: Foshan, Guangdong, China


<div class="blue">BEST Supply Chain</div>Apparel Warehouse

The warehouse serves for a famous fashion brand, and caters for both B2B and B2C business. The operation team runs in the large warehouse, and handles a huge amount of outbound orders.

  • Rack system
  • Software system
  • Sorting & picking system
  • Challenges
  • Picking efficiency was low due to the long walking distance in the large warehouse.
  • Picking accuracy and inventory accuracy were low.
  • Manual picking was prone to errors. Lacked of inventory management.
  • Storage capacity failed to meet the target with 2m shelving installed.
  • Results
  • 4 times efficiency increase and 80% storage capacity increase.
  • x2 peak season efficiency, x4 max. efficiency.
  • One week to deploy, one month to launch.